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Sri Lanka, the enchanted Pearl Island in the Indian Ocean, renowned for its destined beauty and the climate has served as a paradise for the tourists, with its geography, climate and the location, a treasure island for the merchants and the ideal strategic base for the Imperialists throughout its history.

The Golden Coast and the Shallow Waters along the Coastal Bed creating celestial views on the Sun Set and Sun Rise with the Horizon, the misty mountains in the up country with an awesome light greenish topping decorated by the Tea beds, the gifted sceneries such as waterfalls from mother nature, and the great archeological monuments depicting a proud history of thousands of years have been admired by the visitors throughout the history.

Though a small tropical island, the country has been gifted with a variety of climate structures that depict the uniqueness of geographical locations.

The natural harbors with the protective reefs signify the naval capabilities of the nation and the infrastructure.


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